Heighten Your Social

Learn how to be your best online through this interactive 5 week course.

What you'll get:

  • weekly group video chat

  • unlimited email correspondence 

  • individual one-on-one coaching calls with me

  • collaborative support

  • exclusive, online community

  • alumni network

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Social media proficiency

You will learn best practices for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Each participant will receive a professional audit and learn how to leverage a single piece of content across all channels.



Participants benefit from the expertise of everyone in their cohort, as well as an evergreen online community that will last for years beyond the course. These happy people just took my in-person course.

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one-on-one coaching

Every week, you and I will have face time and work on your specific needs. I will personally help you incorporate newly learned skills to develop and strengthen your overall marketing strategy.

Since this is the pilot, you'll benefit from more one-on-one collaboration and assistance than when this course officially launches. We'll work together so that you make it easy for your ideal audience to find you, maximize your marketing efforts, and help me create a course that will better serve others.

When this course launches in the fall, it will be at least $1,500 per person. Why are you getting such a discount? I'll be asking you for feedback so that future courses run smoothly. You will have a more intimate experience, with no more than 5 in your cohort, whereas future programs will have 20 per course run.