3 Reasons to Host A Giveaway on Instagram

A tried and true exercise for brands and businesses is the good ole giveaway. If you're a product-based business, collaborating with influencers in your niche to give some product away (see what I did there?) is a no-brainer. I recently ran my first, solo contest in collaboration with Harper Wilde. They're a really cool bra company that offers free at-home try-ons. Alsooo, "A portion of each purchase is donated to girls' education. [They] will not only lift your ladies, but lift the next generation of leading ladies as well." Makes sense that there are two female founders at the helm, huh?

I'm going to list 3 reasons why a giveaway was the right move for me, and why it might be a good idea for you. 

1. Engagement Boost

Everyone is suffering from a decrease in engagement. Maybe it's because more people are spending time in stories. Maybe your post is seriously throttled because you posted at an off time, so you didn't get enough likes or comments to warrant Instagram to show more of your followers the post. Whatever the reason, by requiring entrants to tag a friend in comments, there will be more eyes on your post, and hopefully that will enlist more people to enter your contest. 

My posts average about 10 comments from my audience on average days. When I posted the announcement of the giveaway, this post got 6X that!

2. Follower Increase

Another common requirement to enter an online giveaway is to follow each host account. Loop giveaways are so painful for me to enter (yes, I enter contests as well as host them). The recent one I hosted simply required a follow on my account & Harper Wilde's —and the answer to this question: How old is your oldest bra?

Prior to this contest, I was hovering between 11.8 and 11.9k followers. I'm happy to say that after running this giveaway for a window of 48 hours, it looks like I'm closer to 12k and I'm super stoked about it!


Portrait by Ella Sophie Photography as part of a serious on Body Positive Boudoir.

Portrait by Ella Sophie Photography as part of a serious on Body Positive Boudoir.

3. Delight Your Audience

Social Media is supposed to be SOCIAL, after all. I constantly remind clients and colleagues to serve before you sell. It's the only way to replicate the kind of relationships we have offline. Offering the chance for someone to receive a thing of value simply for being a part of your community is a really awesome way of thanking them.

There is a need for authenticity when partnering with brands in every capacity. What made me want to work on a second campaign with HW is how incredibly supportive and body positive they are. I thought I was pushing the envelope by showing my rolls in the bra, since most undergarment companies only show slim and smooth bodies. When they were excited and welcoming of the content I created, I knew it was a company that's aligned with my own values. 


To be completely transparent: I collaborated with them earlier this year to create content in The Flex (everyday strapless bra captured by Ella Sophie Photographer). I've worn it a lot and it's been great. I ordered 3 more bras and within seconds of getting a confirmation email, I received an email from an influencer platform notifying me about a collaboration opportunity.


They weren't connected. I have a friend who works at the company and I asked her if it was possible that something in their marketing pipeline was triggered to do that. It wasn't. This was complete coincidence and serendipity. The universe wanted me to have more bras from Harper Wilde, by any means necessary. I got the message, and now my ladies are lifted. And I really think you should try them, too.