Batching Content

Batching For Instagram: 2 Simple Steps

How Batching Content Creates Cohesive Online Aesthetic

In a community I helped create, a member recently asked how he can start integrating lifestyle posts into his Instagram feed without it looking "out of place." Most of his content consisted of self-portraits and selfies. While his self-love is something we can all aspire to have, and his posts are all above average as far as quality, he recognized the need to diversify his content.

Brandon Quay 's Instagram has always been lit. This grid is from Fall 2016.

Brandon Quay's Instagram has always been lit. This grid is from Fall 2016.


Even the biggest influencers have to break up their posts with imagery outside of themselves. In a business sense, it allows people to promote products in a fresh way. In a visual sense, it creates a more relaxed grid that feels unique. From a creator's perspective, it seriously aids and relaxes the need for constant high-quality photography of one's best self.

Aimee Song's recent flatlay post showcases content created by another person. It fits her overall aesthetic and is a perfect example of how lifestyle photos can be incorporated into different feeds.

Back to our friend Brandon

Early January 2017, before our conversation. 

Early January 2017, before our conversation. 

The bat signal I heard reverberate throughout our online community: "I mean I don't mind that I look like I'm obsessed with myself (because I am) but sometimes I don't have pictures to post or look a hot ass mess and can't take pictures. It'd be nice if I could just throw up a picture of something from my day. HELP!"

I explained a bit about batching and suggested that his next trip to a cafe serve as an opportunity to create multiple posts to share on different days, with these simple steps:

  • Take 2 pics of yourself, maybe from different angles or with different background
  • One pic of a thing (plate of food, your drink, a plant, whatever)

When planning your grid, put 3 photos in a row in this order: you, thing, you.

For the next row: thing, you, thing.


  • To really get into it, take 6 photos of yourself and 6 photos of things. This can be a close up detail of your watch, shoes, notebook.

You now have enough images for your next grid and then some. By utilizing batching, you can worry less about lacking content to post. What's that saying about working smarter, not harder? This is an example of how you can do that with your content marketing strategy for the best Instagram marketing. Or, create a strategy for your social channels if you've never had one before. 

I wish all of my clients took my advice as well as Brandon.

Look at this glorious change! Brandon reached a new level of "slaysian" with his batching knowledge.

Look at this glorious change! Brandon reached a new level of "slaysian" with his batching knowledge.

I'm so impressed with the marked difference in his overall Instagram account. Brandon successfully took my suggestions and made incredible progress. As a stylist, his online presence is vital to his business. 

Even if you're not professionally using Instagram for marketing, a more cohesive account will yield more followers. And it's about time you started that blog you've been thinking about, isn't it?