Mom Life: First Photoshoot & Partnership


It’s been a minute. So much has happened! I’m a mom. This is my first blog in over a year. I moved out of San Francisco. And I’ve got this cool partnership with Thinx (period panties I’ve been using for YEARS).

To get set up, they required some headshots and all of mine are dated. Therefore, I did what I usually do—called my girl Ella and asked her for a quick in-home mini session.

Y’ALL. I’m SO thankful that she’s one of my best friends, patient, and incredibly creative because the photos almost didn’t happen. I couldn’t even get much makeup on due to a certain someone.

My attempt at getting camera-ready was comical.

My attempt at getting camera-ready was comical.

If it was anyone else taking my photo, I’m certain I would’ve been super frustrated and embarrassed that this tiny human required so much from me in such a short period of time. Writing that last bit hurt my heart a little. Of course he needs a lot from me! He’s only two months old. I miss working and the freedom to go places, but I need to savor this season. Ella’s professionalism and warmth made a potentially stressful situation into a super fun shoot. And yes, he was on my lap the entire time, for every photo. (It’s his favorite place to nap and I’m part of camp Never Wake A Sleeping Baby).

She makes me laugh like this a lot.

She makes me laugh like this a lot.

It feels great to ease back into work, especially with a brand I’ve used for so long. If you’re in need of some period-proof underwear or know someone with incontinence issues, there’s Thinx Speax for bladder leaks and BTWN, for tweens and teens. Shop here and save $10 on your order. There’s also a money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose!


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